Using the Master Video Program with Abeka, each student will be fully accredited. The Abeka program will provide report cards and keep transcripts for each child enrolled in the program.

• FBA will have a Christian School graduation ceremony for all seniors who have successfully completed the requirements of the Abeka program in May of each school year.

• In order to graduate from our Christian School, students must complete a total of 24 credits, which includes a minimum of 4 credits with Abeka in grade 12:

4 Credits Bible (includes ½ credit in Life Management)

4 Credits English

4 Credits Math- Algebra 1 (1 credit); Algebra 2 (1 credit); Plain Geometry (1 credit); and Math Elective (1 credit)

3 Credits Science (2 credits with lab components)

1 Credit Spanish (can be taken Gr. 10–12)

3 ½ Credits History- World History 10 (1 credit); U.S. History 11 (1 credit); American Government (½ credit); Economics (½ credit); and History Elective (½ credit)

1 Credit Physical Education

1 Credit Practical/Performing Arts

2 ½ Credits Electives

24 Total Credits Required

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